Tax Liens

What is a Tax Lien? A Tax Lien is a lien that is placed on a property due to non payment of property taxes. Typically, tax liens can be removed after all fines, penalties, and interests have been paid in full within a government mandated time period. If all payments are not paid in full and on time, the property owner defaults all legal rights to the property. In addition, typically a judgement may be placed on the home owners record for 10-15 years.

Tax Deeds

What is a Tax Deed? Unlike a Tax Lien, a Tax Deed is a property tax foreclosure without the opportunity to reclaim the property. Once the decision is made, the property Deed is sold to an investor at a Property Tax Auction. 

Invest in Tax Lien & Tax Deed Private Fund

What is a Private Tax Lien & Deed Fund? It's simple. It's a Private Fund we setup to offer Investors an opportunity to invest in Real Estate for a return of the Secured Interest Rate that each County Government sets. Well who is it for? The Private Tax Lien and Tax Deed Funds are for individuals as well as group investors only seeking to receive a High Interest Return and NOT acquire the Real Estate.  Want to learn more about investing in our Private Tax Liens & Deeds Funds? It's simple. Join our Investor Email List to learn how to invest to receive 10% - 25% returns.