The Karma Internship Program provides college students as well as individuals looking to develop new skills an opportunity to learn how to conduct Agency and Consumer research; from a Real Estate and Asset Recovery perspective, both vital elements that make our business unique.


As Jr. Research Analysts, each Intern will spend a minimum of four weeks within both areas to learn how each department operates independently. The gateway into our company, Interns that have displayed a full grasp of one or both departments may be offered an opportunity to job shadow with the Asset Recovery Team. Determined Interns will have an opportunity to continue to gain more exposure within various Karma Recovery Teams. To learn more about other Karma Recovery positions, click here. 







Internship Program

Students with the following backgrounds will gain from this program:

  • Business

  • Marketing

  • Psychology

  • Research

  • Database Administration

  • Analytics

  • Criminal Justice

Please read and fill out the information below and we will get back to you to see if you are a great fit for our Karma Research Team.

Jr. Research Analyst (Remote) - Consumer Research       NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE

Jr. Research Analyst (Remote) - Agency Research           NASHVILLE< TENNESSEE                                                    

Internship Positions

General Description

Work Description

This position is a Summer Internship. Each Intern will work closely with the Directors of Agency and Consumer Research within Consumer Research, Agency Research, or both. Since research is the foundation of our business, every Interns journey begins here to learn what it is that makes Karma Recovery Solutions so unique.


The internship pays $500 stipend for the following Semester. In addition, every intern will have opportunities to compete for bonus incentives for outstanding collaborative research. 

Motivated Interns may be offered promotions for outstanding work. There are several positions to fill within the Karma Team, not just in research. 

Our company provides the flexibility for Interns to work independently and remotely from the comfort of their home, dorm-room, or virtually anywhere that has a secure internet connection and cell phone reception.  

Are you a great internet researcher? Do you crave creating positive Karma for your life and others? Do you secretly want to uncover your hidden private investigator? If so, then you will take pride in searching for Unclaimed Assets held by corporate and government agencies, and assisting in the return of those Unclaimed Assets to their rightful owner.

If, so, we have a place for you on the Karma Research Team. 

Jr. Agency Research Analysts will work between 10:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m. CST, and consist of making outbound calls to Government and Corporate Agencies. 

Jr. Consumer Research Analyst have the ability to work anytime, from anywhere.