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 Everyday, there are literally millions of dollars just waiting to be claimed. These funds are either from over-payments to Hospitals, or left over from Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, or Legal Settlements. However, when a claim takes too long to be filed, the funds will “escheat” to the Government Agency that has them - which essentially negates any chance of you getting your funds back. This is where we come in.

Karma Recovery Solutions partners with those Hospitals, Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, and Government Agencies to find these unclaimed assets for you. Then, we locate you to initiate your claim to recover your assets before they "escheat" to the Government. Sound confusing? Follow our simple process below.


How It Works


Locate Your Assets


Locate &    Inform You


Initiate Your Claim


Overnight Documents


Receive Your Check

1. We hunt and dig through thousands of databases and files to find your Unclaimed Assets.

2. We contact you and completely blow you away with what we discovered. You are typically shocked and amazed that you have Unclaimed Assets that no one wanted you to know about.

3. We send a Certified Notary to you to sign official documents for us to initiate the claim on your behalf. 

4. The Certified Notary sends the documents overnight to the Holding Agency.

5. After the Holding Agency reviews the documents and release your funds, we send your Reclaimed Asset Check overnight to you.



Have you received a phone call, letter, or message from someone from our organization? More than likely, if we’ve gotten in touch with you, through those phone calls, letters, emails or social media; it's because we've located funds that most likely belong to you, and with your help, we can get your funds returned to you. 


We Only Receive Payment If and When Your Assets are Released - it’s all on a contingent basis; which means there are no out of pocket expenses for you. We will cover all of the expenses out of our own pocket until the claim has been paid out, Guaranteed!


We send a Certified Notary to provide the official documents that will grant us the authority to reclaim the assets for you, as well as provide official witness to the Unclaimed Asset Recovery Documents needed to initiate the claim for recovery. Next, the Certified Notary will use a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope to mail your signed documents to the appropriate offices in order to expedite the process.


Claims typically take 4-8 weeks to fully process, however, we have claims that have processed in less than 3 weeks. 30 days after processing of your claim, your funds will be sent to you overnight. It's that simple. Don’t wait. Remember, this is a time sensitive matter.   Dial 615-861-1318 or email info@karmarecoverysolutions.com to get started now!


Important Note - Please Read


We need to warn you - there is a system called “escheatment” that gives the Government the right to take the unclaimed funds, which are rightfully yours and transfer them to a Government Agencies bank account if the claim is not filed within time.


Karma Recovery Solutions will work around the clock to make sure “escheatment” doesn’t happen. It is very important to understand that we are working on a specific deadline to ensure you receive your funds. We strongly believe your funds do not belong to Government Agencies, which create processes to conceal the location of your assets. Don't wait! Get on the phone or email us now for further details on how we can get your claim moving forward 615-861-1318.








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The information gathered below will only be used to determine whether a claim is in you or a loved one's name. At that point, we will contact you per your request only. Your information will not be shared with or disseminated to any third party without your expressed verbal or written consent. If you have any questions or comments at all, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or Privacy Policy pages. You can also contact us at info@karmarecoverysolutions.com. or by calling 615-861-1318.