Karma Recovery Solutions is a Hybrid Real Estate and Unclaimed Asset Recovery Startup, based in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. Our focus is in acquiring Real Estate via Tax Lien and Tax Deed Auctions, Foreclosure Prevention, and Asset Recovery due to Delinquent Property Tax Foreclosure.  


We are a Mission-based company that predicates ourselves on equal opportunity for all people to experience what it feels like to live mission-based lives, instead of wage-based lives. It is our vision to see that families in America do not experience what hundreds of thousands of families experienced after the 2008 Real Estate collapse.


To truly experience economic freedom or even a life after retirement, we have developed a simple three part mission to "Pay it Forward" so that others benefit from our discovery:


1) Acquire, Sell, and Invest in and acquire Real Estate 50-90% off Market Value through Tax Lien and Deed Sales,  


2) Protect and empower Home Owners on the brink of Delinquent Property Tax Foreclosure with timely alternative solutions with our Foreclosure Prevention Program.


3) Recover every dollar for every family affected by Delinquent Property Tax Foreclosure through our Asset Recovery Program.


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